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Pranjal Singh started One Click Production in 2010 with thoughts of changing the mindset of people towards films. One Click Production Is a emerging Production in INDIA.

Our Moto is –

Customer Satisfaction According To Pranjal Singh Quality is not an act, it is a habit. We would give the best Industry Work to satisfy customer needs so that customer becomes happy & satisfied so that they come back to us each time they need quality work .The Edge is the customer service leader in video production by providing technical and creative solutions that fit our customer’s needs and by operating with integrity, respect and honesty.


With an ardor to create different content and an attempt to strike a balance between the quality and business of feature films and television . The company has already made a mark on the map of Television and Feature Films; both in Hindi and English space. With a glorious past of films One Click Production has taken its fresh humble beginnings to another high with the historical success .In the television space, the company is holding its flag high with successful and qualitative programs. One Click Production believes that the toughest philosophy is said in simplest words. Taking the same line of thought and balancing commercial and qualitative aspects of content, the company aims to move forward with projects that not just yield business but leave footprints in the production & distribution of content. One Click Production has achieved its current status due to the pioneering efforts of Pranjal Singh. One Click Production has always been a step ahead to ride the wave of the dynamic changes that are taking place in the Entertainment Industry, and has become the hub of frenzied activity in the Entertainment firmament . One Click Production , is for the people who are passionate about making films – or everything revolving around the films it creates. The entire genesis of a film, right from its creative inception to its completion is all done within One Click Production – all the creative work, pre-production, production and post-production is conceived and executed by the One Click Production Team. As a Production , One Click Production plans to scale up its Production output every year. These films will all have the One Click Production stamp as the films most awaited by enthusiasts and audiences worldwide.The one-of-its-kind Production is the home for the creation of not only One Click Production produced films but of all the major projects being created in India.One Click Production will continue to strengthen and streamline all its activities in Television, Music, Home Entertainment, Marketing & Advertising, Digital & New Media to maximize monetization in all the growth areas of various cash flow streams. One Click Production plans to make an entry into the Television space and plans are underway to create cutting edge software and consequently distribute it to viewers all over the world. Plans are also being formulated to enter various allied areas within the Entertainment business. One Click Production has seen spectacular growth and expansion in the last few years and the vision is to live up to the standards expected of the Number One Entertainment Company in India and the biggest brand of Indian Entertainment.


One Click Production’s  mission is to provide industry-leading products and services that are superior to those of our competitors through innovation, strength of character, attention to detail, and our commitment to unparalleled customer service, while maintaining profitability and taking excellent care of our employees. Through film making we believe in expressing emotions and not making money. At (OCP) ONE CLICK PRODUCTION: our talent and our passion is creating superior imagery and strategic video solutions that resonate with viewers. We are dedicated to translating your vision into exceptional, compelling video that delivers measurable results.We nourish the integration of the strategic logistics of the left brain with the creative vision of the right brain.We value the relationships with our clients and their organizations.We utilize the highest quality video equipment, technologies and talent available.We are morally and ethically committed to producing only positive and responsible content. We always go for the talented young generation which has the capability of making thing possible and which needs to focused .

One Click Production House. (OCP)

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