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Gaming Movies by Pranjal Singh Story FolkTales – Raj Smriti

Gaming Movies!
Pranjal Singh

Did you enjoy watching the latest Bollywood blockbuster, but were not very happy with the star cast? Don’t worry now you can watch the same movie in the comfort of your home by directing it yourself and changing the actors. Yes gaming movies are the new buzz in the tinsel town and will be shortly released across India. You can replace the actors with your favorite ones and enjoy the movie your way. Sounds interesting? Well that’s what this lad from Bihar is upto, by changing the face of the Indian cinema and creating an emerging new wave in the industry. Pranjal Singh with roots from Patna and memories from Lucknow is an Indian film director, producer, actor, editor, story and screenwriter.

What started as a sheer love for photography by the camera given by his maternal parents became a passion and soon a profession. Often seen with his camera wherever he goes, he enjoys capturing moments and making evenings memorable. Born on April 4th, 1993 as the first child of R.P. Singh and Mrs. Rita Singh he had a pampered childhood. His love for art was evident at the age of three when he would enjoy listening to song on his father’s walkman in the garden area. An ardent nature lover he was a great observer and captured all the beautiful things he saw in his painting. From paintings the art love moved to photography.

However, the gifted camera broke after a while and since then a fear set in him of having one. Parents obviously were upset about the same as at one point of time it was a luxury item present only with few unlike today where everyone is a photographer with smart phones in hand. He pleaded his parents for a new camera but obviously the request was declined and this was way back in sixth grade. With friends going shutterbugs with their roll camera on picnic and farewell parties, he knew he wanted one too. Those days it was Reliance India giving offer of paying their landline bills on time and winning a camera in return. He so much wanted to own the camera that the universe conspired and he won the Fujifilm Roll Camera of 499 rupees by paying the bill.

 Thirty six pictures were all you had and if lucky maybe a forty on the roll if u carefully utilized it. Pranjal saved every frame for special moments and only clicked shots that he really wanted to. That one twenty rupees roll was very close to his heart. The love for clicking and being clicked was sure enough a childhood thing. As a kid he would love wearing formal dresses especially suits and posed for his father. He would check camera angles and developed a hang for the equipment. Black belt in martial art, studies never fascinated him though he was quite ok in the same and followed the norm of one degree after the other.

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) from Amity University made him leave Bihar. It was easy settling down in the Awadh land with warm friends and a charismatic personality like him. One of his friends owned a DSLR and when he held it for the first time he knew that was sure enough the love he was looking for. Occasionally he would bunk classes and take pictures from all possible angles. He even started attending media classes in which his friends were enrolled and was occasionally thrown out of classes since he was not a part of the Mass Communication department. He took the step of talking to the Dean of the College and was granted permission to attend classes of both BBA and Mass Communication. His happiness knew no bounds and the next dream of owning a camera began to sink in.

Loving dad came into the picture gifting him a camera of his choice and there began his professional journey and tryst with images with his first ever DSLR which is still his priceless possessions among other cameras. From capturing his college’s fest moments to friend’s parties, he did lot of experimentation with his camera in 2009. He created a Facebook community on his name which later changed into a page where he used to share images. It gaiT AAO NA. That was his kick start to fame and popularity with huge responses from colleagues and family members.






Pranjal’s father however wanted him to pursue MBA whereas he was quite sure by this time that his heart was into film making. To make everyone happy he decided to pursue double Master’s and with support from College was able to complete his dual degree into MBA and MJMC. His dad’s advice,’ Don’t Just Follow Dreams, Make Dreams Catch You’ has always stayed with him. Mr. K.K Ohri, also assured him relaxation in attendance and asked him to continue with his passion. He was given a 14 month contract by K.K Narain, TOI to cover pictures in Page 3 Parties and was also awarded in the Discovery India competition where he held the sixth rank worldwide and first in India. He did 45 episodes for Discovery as well.

Post Degree completion Pranjal was offered a monthly job of Rs 4000/- which he refused to take up and decided to divulge in his camera work. He started capturing world through his lenses. Back to back he made six albums and started making short video films and went on to direct several short films, raise your voice, jai Ho, A documentary on Patna, Music Videos like Bhavra, O Janiyo, an advertisement of Royal Enfield and a short film titled Zindagi Ek Lamha. He started his own production house called One Click Production with a mission to give the best of art to those who hired him. From a 40,000 rupee camera, he has earned nothing less than 70 Lakhs till date.

One Click Production is one of the most emerging Production Houses in India, covering 6 cities including Lucknow, Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Gurgaon and having more than 500 employees. Together they believe in customer satisfaction and show keen interest in taking projects like Music Videos, Documentary, and Photography shoots, Short Films, Digital Marketing, Government Projects, Commercials Advertisements, Wedding Films and Feature Films. Pranjal has trained more than 200 photography students who had no camera or film knowledge and given directions to their life.
Pranjal’s Documentary ‘Zindagi Ek Lamha’ featured the adversities of the abandoned senior citizens, and talked about how he felt as he heard scores of heat-wrenching stories of being ill treated and abandoned by kids. His documentary on Patna gave light on cities rich cultural heritage and explored hidden treasure in the city which is often labeled as ‘Jungle Raj’. The documentary depicts the essence of the city’s diversity in culture and food. It was a step in changing the mindset that people had about the state. It was featured on Patna Doordarshan and most of the regional channels of ETV. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself congratulated Pranjal and he was invited for interviews and talk shows with his coverage running in most of the newspapers.

Pranjal’s childhood dream of making films came true with Bullet Raja when he was taking pictures at the break of dawn, on the sets and was mistaken to be one of the camera crew. Since he was there all day coordinator Geeta thought he was working for them and started assigning him duties and even paid him 5000 bucks for the same. On learning he was not part of the crew but thoroughly impressed by his hardwork and dedication she called him to Janpath for next shoot and from there his journey with the film fraternity began. From Ishqzade to Dhed Ishqiya, Dawat-e-ishq, Tanu Weds Manu, he gave his skills wherever required. From associate director to assistant director his next role is that of a director with Raj Kumar Hirani.

Pranjal had got his purpose for living and he used his skills wherever he could. With a new girl in life both personal and professional life started blooming. He involved himself in lot of PR activities for varied multinationals and did extensive digital marketing. His music video ‘bhavra’ contestants got selected in India’s got talent and he himself started working on numerous Bollywood projects. He did a number of television serials like Jugadi Lal, travel shows, baat cheet shows, and even a film for UP broadcast ‘raise your voice’ on women related issues. Along with his work he himself has been featured both in local and national media for the varied work he has been done. Doodrdarshan, ETV, NDTV, ABP and several other media houses have lready broadcasted his exclusive interviews on their channel. He was also awarded by International Film Festival.


Currently, one of the important projects that Pranjal is currently working is that of a gaming film

which is going to change the way we watch films. From changing star cast to directing, gaming films can be handled through the control panel and run as per one’s own whims and fancy. It’s not some kind of animation but pure reality and would be just the way you watch films with a difference that you can decide whom you want to see. It can be run with the help of joystick, android mobile or play stations and would be available for as low as rupees ten. He is planning to launch it soon and first 5000 subscribers to this world’s first gaming film would be absolutely free.

France on his mind, Pranjal is going there for the project in April and is in the process of finalizing shoots.

Currently an employee of ABP news, he is working full time on numerous projects.





Here’s wishing you the best of luck in all your endeavors and hoping to see your gaming movie soon Pranjal.



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