The Impeccable Journey of Sensational Pranjal Singh |

The Impeccable Journey of Sensational Pranjal Singh

The Impeccable Journey of Sensational

Pranjal Singh

Today India is becoming more open to Startup and its Culture and due to this the youth also identifying their potentials and creating magic with their ideas, shifting from job seekers to job providers. As you see, a startup will make you self-dependent but the one needs to be very persistent, patient and passionate in order to achieve the goals which they set and practice as the image for success.
Well, let’s enjoy someone’s success by going through his story. Themedots presenting a very magnetic story of a guy who lived an inspiring journey and wrote his destiny with his own ink. His name is Mr. Pranjal Singh. In the past, he got a job of just Rs. 4000 even after holding an MBA degree in Patna. It was really very shocking to him as he studied from Amity University, Lucknow.
This incident somewhat had a very deep impact on his life that after studying for so many years, getting an MBA degree from such a reputed institution, I am still getting a job of just Rs. 4000. He thought that ” Is this is what I want from my life, what I want to become , what I want to do my entire life “, clearly there’s an echo in his mind shouting No, not at all. So He decided to make his interest as his career. He wanted to achieve success in the field which he loves and wanted to live. He refused he job without any second thoughts to build the career in thesame and to create job opportunities for other people as well.Now you are thinking about his Interest??
So, let me tell you that camera was, is and will be his first love. He was crazy about photography and filmmaking. You could see him often with his camera everywhere. Now he has made his passion his career. He has made lots of music videos, documentary films, short movies, and interviews. He loves to hold the camera in his hand and make your evening memorable.
Let’s just get to know about his personal life and childhood.
Personal life and Childhood
Pranjal belongs to Rukunpura, Vijaynagar in Patna. He was born in the house of Mr. R.P. Singh and Mrs. Rita Singh on 4th April 1993. He was a very loving child of his parents but was the most notorious boy too. Being the eldest son he was pampered very much. At the age of 3, he used to listen to songs in his father’s Walkman by wearing headphones on his ears.­­
He was a very artistic child who was very good in observing nature, sketching some beautiful drawings. He was very fond of the camera and used to give various poses when his father clicked his pictures and after that, he used to select in which he looked better. He showed a keen interest in the camera and soon started clicking pictures of surrounding people and telling his family members about the poses to be given while on camera.
He was not very studious in high school because of indulging in many extra-curricular activities which include martial art training too. After passing his senior schooling. There comes a time to choose his field in academics, he was clear with his dreams but was not sure how to make it alive. So resting the same for some time went to study Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Amity University, Lucknow to learn some business skills. He got to know about SLR camera from his friend. Actually, his friend was capturing some photos with it, he found that quite interesting and give it a shot by his own. He also attended mass media classes with his friend without permission but was later caught by the Faculties which results to ban from the same classes. But you can’t keep a learner away from learning for long so he talked about the same to the HOD and the Dean of his college. They agreed but with a condition that he should also attend his own classes regularly to which he agreed happily. Now he wanted his own SLR camera, he went to his father and requested for the same. He got his SLR for his birthday present. It was not easy for his father to gift him such an expensive camera, but being a father he knew that it was his dream, so he supported him whole heartedly. He began to take too many pictures with that camera, also for the college fests and functions and thus noticed and appreciated by the Director of the college himself. His first Musical Album
He gained a decent name and fame in college, People started appreciating him for his talent. So, he decided to carry his dreams into action by his debut to motion picture through musical album “In Memory of My Love” which had music video songs like TUM MERE HO and LAUT AAO NA. A very few people know the actual story behind this album. Actually, Pranjal made this music album for his Girlfriend, who left him and go went for some other guy. But first love is always special, so he decided to make a music album with love songs to convince her but it didn’t work out for the same. But it was her bad luck because he received a massive response from the public and support from his colleagues and family members. Those songs became famous on MTV and he became the sensation in his college. Step towards MBA for Father
After completing his graduation there were two options in front of him i.e. whether to chase his dream or fulfill his father’s wish to pursue higher education. He decided to carry both and applied for a double Master degree – Master of Journalism & Mass Communication (MJMC) with MBA in the same college (Amity University, Lucknow). Also gives Priority to Social Service
He doesn’t take social issues in his movies only but also helps other people genuinely in his personal life. Remembering one of the incidents he revealed that “One night, I went for an ice-cream party with my friends. I saw few people on the road in a very pity condition. I took all those 5 people to my house from there. My parents were also unaware of this incident for few days but later supported my decision. After a while, I arranged some employment for them and now they all are earning well and I feel so good after witnessing the priceless smiles on their faces”
Pranjal always helps the needy persons whether financially or socially. Even after getting the taste of success, he still a very humble and a down to earth person.
One Click Production and its Motto
As a result of his dedication to fulfilling his dream of photography and filmmaking, he became a master in his art. In his college time, PranjalSingh started One Click Production in 2010 with a thought of changing the mindset of people towards films. Now, One Click production is an emerging production house in India, with over 6 cities and 250+ employees. He has his production houses in Lucknow, Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, and Gurgaon.
The motto of One Click Production is customer satisfaction. According to Pranjal Singh quality is not an act, it is a habit. We would give thebest industry work to satisfy our customer needs so that the customer becomes overwhelmed and feel free to contact us for his future works to get quality work always. The edge is the customer service leader in video production by providing technical and creative solutions that fit our customer’s needs and by operating with integrity, respect, and honesty.
Musical Albums (Click on the name to read more about it)
In Memory of My Love
O Jaaniya
Kaisi Ye Zindagi
Ummide (Everyone has one special thing)
Zindagi….. Ek Lamha
Raise Your Voice- Ek Awaaz
Jai Hind
Advertisement film
Royal Enfield
Pranjal’s films have shown on leading channels like Doordarshan UP, Doordarshan Bihar, DD National, and DD India.
One Click Production deals with :
Music Videos
Feature Films
Short Films
Commercial Advertisements
Government Projects
Wedding Films
Digital Marketing
300 freelancers are working with Pranjal
Pranjal had also sent pictures to channels like National Geographic and Discovery.
“There are more than 300 people are working with One Click Production. I work with all of them in 6 cities of India. Our production house also makes Ad films, wedding films, Interview and music album except documentary films. I feel blessed to work with such a dedicated & big team. 30 local people are working on my production house. To be honest I earn near to Rs. 30,000 monthly after giving salaries to theemployees but My passion is always more important than money for me. I was crazy about photography since childhood and gradually it converted into filmmaking. I really thanked God for the blessings and the decision of turning down the job offer worked so positive for me and I am able to show my talent to the world.” He says.
Interview on Bihar Bihan DD Bihar
It is the fact that once you become successful or come into the limelight, media searches a single chance to present you on their newspapers, news channels, and social media. Same things happened with Mr. Pranjal. Recently, Pranjal were called for an interview on the set of Bihar Bihan DD Bihar on 2nd February and 27th April 2016.
“It was a pleasure for me. This was the result of blessings of my parents, grandparents, guardians, and GOD. ” He says.
Bollywood, MTV, and Pranjal
Pranjal also worked for MTV. He made a music album Bhavra with MTV and was loved & appreciated by the people. Except it, O Jaaniya album’s songs were also hit on MTV. He was also a part of some Bollywood films like Ishaqzaade, Daawat-e-Ishq, Tanu weds Manu Returns etc. He used to do photography on a daily basis for these movies and used to get Rs. 5000 for this work.
Pranjal wants to show his film on 70 mm screen soon. He also loves politics. If he would get a chance, he would definitely go for the politics. But his love towards camera will never ever end.

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